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Here at RCSK8 we were always hooked on the thrills of wakeskating. However, we found Powerboarding (electric skateboards) to be another way to achieve the same adrenaline rush while cruising around the city. We bought some Electric Skateboards and would cruise around on these amazing little machines. However, we soon learned that the machines then on the market were not quality and were not powerful enough (too slow) to meet our thrill-seeking needs. Over the course of time, each of us had to tear our skateboards apart to rebuild them the way that they should have been built in the first place. Obviously, this was pretty lame, so we employed all of our expertise to develop street and all-terrain Electric Skateboards having truly superior design, quality, reliability, and speed for the best extreme rides! Guided by our passion for the sport, we continually worked to produce the World's highest performance remote controlled Electric Skateboards. We built our boards from the ground up with the best materials and were finally satisfied that we had accomplished our goals. We are determined to make them available to all Electric Skateboarders at affordable prices. We are very proud of RCSK8 Boards, and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we do...


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