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What is the top speed of your RCSK8 Boards?
Street Sk8er 18mph, All Terrain 20mph

How far can your electric skateboard go on a full charge?
7-10 miles depending on your weight and what terrain/surface you ride on.

What is the price range for your RCSK8 Boards?
Our prices range from $299.99 up to $699.99.

What kind of terrain can the All Terrain skateboard be ridden on?
You can ride the All Terrain skateboard on hard compact sand, dirt, grass, cement, asphalt, wood, metal, fiberglass and concrete.

What is the maximum load capacity?
Up to 330lbs

Can your electric skateboard roll on it's own, like a regular skateboard?
Yes, our latest electric skateboards have a neutral mode.

Are kids allowed to ride your electric skateboards?
Yes, but ultimately it is up to their parents or guardian.

What is the maximum age?
There isnt one.

What is the life span of your batteries?
Our batteries can handle 200 plus charges.

How long does it take to charge the battery?
3 to 4 hours

Why should I buy an RCSK8 Board?
RCSK8 Boards are made of superior quality materials and have the best craftsmanship in the powerboarding industry. Our customer service department is committed to providing world-class service to every one of our customers, clients, and friends.

Are RCSK8 Boards dangerous?
They may be if proper caution is not used at all times. Appropriate safety gear such as helmet, knee and elbow pads are recommended.

How do you make turns on the RCSK8 Boards?
Similar to snowboarding you simply lean forward on your toes or backward on your heels to turn in either direction.

What are the lengths and widths of your remote controlled skateboards?
Street Sk8er: 37.8L x 10.6W
All Terrain: 45.7L x 10.6 W

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