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Terms and Conditions


1. Turn on the power, then stand on the skateboard, keep the body balance, adjust pose and CG;
2. Turn on the power of the remote controller, operate it according the manual;
3. Safety protection function: only player stands on skateboard can controller work on the skateboard; system will stop automatically as soon as player jumps off it. That results from that controller can test player’s body.
4. Change direction is to make use of player’s CG, moving the CG right, then turning right; moving the CG left, then turning left;
5. Automatic shutoff: in order to protect the battery, when the skateboard keeps still for 10 minutes, it will shut off the power automatically. New start needs again turnon;
6. Green indicator means normal state, red indicator means battery insufficient. recharge is needed after each consumption.
7.When the charge , the skateboard and charger indicator show red, then the battery charge enough became green.
8. Locking belt adjustment: when the locking belt is loose and slides, you can loose the joint screw between the rear drive shaft and motor frame to adjust belt to make it tight;
9. The easy-consumed parts like belt, wheel, and battery, they are must be changed in time if they cannot work smoothly.

Remote Controller Operation Instructions

1. Turn on the power. One “tick” means normal start; four “tick” means trigger position wrong, please turn on again; eight “tick” means insufficient battery capacity and is about to power off automatically, please change battery in time.
2. Accelerating and decelerating control. The controller has function of no-grade accelerating and decelerating. Put back the trigger to accelerate gradually, and the angle determines the speed and accelerating level; put front to decelerating.
3. Brake control. The controller has ABS electronic brake.
4. In the operation, one “tick” in every 10 seconds means insufficient battery capacity in the controller, automatic power-off will happen several minutes latter.
5. Automatic shutoff. In order to protect battery, the controller will automatically shut down after 5 minutes’ of still state. Turn on again to continue.
6. Shelf location of speed. Firstly turn off the power, when you can see Speed gear switch is set in the battery box on the backside of the controller. Put the switch front to the low speed . Middle to moderate speed . Back to high speed . Then turn on the remote controller again.
7. User's skin on hand should keep in full touch with the remote controller handle metal membrane; otherwise the remote controller will not work ineffectively.


1.In playing, player must wear the helmet, the kneepad, an elbow pad, etc;
2. When first play, simulation play is needed to master speed control. Play at low speed is advised.
3. The skateboard is only permit to use on the sport field;
4. Nonage people is forbidden using the skateboard;
5. Don’t use the skateboard on rough road and in rain;
6. When battery is insufficient, skateboard automatically decelerate till stop, control system automatically exit working state. Please change battery when indicator is become red. Recharge is needed.
7. No overrun the Max Load;
8. Please shunt down power when stop playing, recharge after each use, recharge one time in each one month if not play for a long time;
9. If player is not practiced and skillful, please choose low speed. We do not take any responsibility for any accident in playing.
10. The metal membrane of remote controller handle should not be torn as well as the metal membrane opposite the slide.

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