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150 watt electric skateboard skateboard
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Street Sk8er 37"-600 watts Street Sk8er 37"-600 watts

Street Sk8er 37"
Electric Skateboard

37.8" L
600 watt motor

in 3.2 sec
10 mile range.

Parks Bonifay
All Terrain-800 watts All Terrain-800 watts

All Terrain
Electric Skateboard

45 .5" L
800 watt motor
22 mph
10 mile range
Will ride on hard
compact terrain.

XLR8-Electric Skateboards
xlr8-150 watt

XLR8 31"
Electric Skateboard

150 watt motor
Up to 6mph
6 mile radius

Weighs 25 lbs

xlr8-250 watt

XLR8 35"
Electric Skateboard

250 watt motor
Up to 12mph
9 mile radius
Weighs 35 lbs

xlr8-400 watt

XLR8 36"
Electric Skateboard

400 watt motor
Up to 14 mph
11 mile radius
Weighs 37 lbs

Street Sk8er-600 watts Longboard

Street Sk8er 45"
Electric Skateboard

45" L
600 watt motor

0-18 mph
10 mile range

parts parts-RCSK8
Parts & Accessories

Wheels, Trucks, Bushing,
Bearings, Tires, Springs,
and much more!

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